I like turning flat paper into a 3D object. These ornaments are simple to make and by combining several of them together you can create a delightful and colorful decoration. You can hang them down, tie them together on strings, gather as paper bouquets and use as Christmas or party decoration.

Scarpbook paper decorations
DIY colorful paper fan balls

How to make Paper Fan Balls:

Papers with horizontal patterns work best for these fan balls as they flow better. I wanted to create a horizontal pattern using different patterned scrapbook papers, mostly scraps I had left from other projects (please recycle whenever you can – it’s important). I tore the papers into uneven stripes and glued together as a flat surface. You can get as creative here as you like – mix different patterns and colors to design your own unique paper.

How to make paper Christmas decorations
DIY scrapbook paper

Once you’ve designed your patterned paper, cut it into strips about 0.75” (2 cm) wide. Pin a hole into all strips on both ends. Take some wire and create a loop in one end. Insert all strips together onto the wire on one side, and then on the other.

How to make paper fan balls
Paper fan balls in the making

Make a loop in the other end of the wire and fan the strips into a ball.

Paper fan balls DIY tutorial
DIY scrapbook paper decorations

How to style your paper ornaments:

  • Play with different scrapbook papers and patterns. Mix and match to create a colorful variety.
  • You can change the size and shape of the ball by cutting the strips and the wire longer or shorter.
  • Use more strips to create a fuller ball and less to create a hollowed ball.
  • Create colorful hanging straps using satin ribbons and beads.
  • Create a string of fan balls by joining them through the looped wire.

What other decorations are you planning to make for your Christmas tree? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Digital paper used in this tutorial:
Red Polka Dots / Coral Chevron / Pink Polka Dots / Retro Tiles Green / Green Polka Dots.

How to make paper Christmas decorations
DIY paper ornaments
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