Hi! I’m Noa, a designer, and artist from Israel. I live in an old apartment from the 50s, which has the most gorgeous vintage floor (you can see it in the picture), with my partner, two kids, and our dog Penny. 

My artistic work is a mixture inspired by everything that sparks my imagination and makes me happy – magical fairy tales, cartoons, comic books, the amazing world under the sea, vintage items, and folk art. I usually start designing in simplified organic shapes, and I enjoy exploring creative techniques and new ideas using watercolors, brush pens, markers, pens, and pencils.

I have been creating and exploring for as long as I can remember. I spent a year in university experimenting in different art and design fields, such as sculpturing, oil painting, photography, and custom & stage design, followed by a 4-year degree in Fashion design. During these years I found my passion for patterns, spending most of my time designing the fabrics for my fashion projects.

After graduating with Excellency, I created a line of leather accessories printed with my designs, using a unique printing-on-leather technique I developed myself. Soon, designer friends and colleagues started asking me to help create unique leathers for their brands, and I began providing surface design and printing on leather services for accessories and shoe designers worldwide. The leather studio was active for almost a decade and seeing my designs on actual products has been so exciting and rewarding. 

Since then, my creative explorations have evolved into newer and better things. You can see everything that’s keeping me busy and where I direct my creative energies these days, on my Instagram feed

I love working with creative people from around the world, please contact me with your interesting ideas and collaborations, or email me at: [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

Noa Ambar Regev
Art by Noa Ambar Regev
Art by Noa Ambar Regev