Under the Sea Mermaid Birthday Decorations by Pixiebear
Under the Sea Mermaid Party Toppers

A year ago I started something new. Whenever I start a new project which I know is going to become a meaningful part of my life and is actually going to create a significant change in my life, it feels like another birthday: excitement (blended with a little bit of fear) of what’s coming and of the dream that is (finally!) becoming a reality.

Halloween Party Printables by Pixiebear
Halloween Party Cupcake Decorations

A year ago I started Pixiebear – My new line of party printable decorations for kids. If you have been reading this blog for the past year (Thank you for reading this blog and supporting what I do! I really do appreciate it), you probably seen it mentioned here a few times.

Soccer Party Decorations by Pixiebear
Soccer Birthday Party Decorations

As with starting any new business, I didn’t quite know what to expect and what it is going to be like.

This turned out to be year full of colors and fun.

A year of learning something new every single day.

A year of trial and error, changing and changing again.

A year spent persistently building something I could only imagine before.

A year of ups and downs, and some great celebrations and (fully decorated) parties.

Looking back at it I feel happy and proud. It’s been a great year and I am so excited to see what the next year is going to be like!

Birthday Party Printables by Pixiebear on Sale

To celebrate this birthday I am hosting a 48 hours sale on my Pixiebear party decorations shop. Stop by and take a look if you like :)

Basketball Birthday Favor Boxes by Pixiebear
Basketball Party Favor Boxes
Halloween Printable Pennant Flags by Pixiebear
Halloween Party Pennant Flags
Under the Sea Birthday Tags by Pixiebear
Under the Sea Favor Tags
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