Behind every design there is a story. This story, if told, allows its audience a sneak peek inside the designer’s head, a brief moment to look through the designer’s eyes and understand how this design came to be. Here’s one:

Print on Leather Clutch BagLast year I went with my sister to a Placebo concert. I love going to music shows, I always feel like I got an energy shot directly to my veins after a good rock show. My sister took some photos of the band with her phone, which turned out to be quite blurry.

Placebo Concert

I simply loved the way these smudged photos expressed the easy going and fun atmosphere at the show, so I started playing around with them.

Placebo Pattern

I simplified the images up to the point you could no longer recognize what was in them, but the great energies were still there, and created this cool pattern design. After playing around with the colors some more, I got to the final pattern I was happy with.

Placebo Pattern Design

What I loved most about the design is that the pattern was suitable for both men and women, so I printed it on leather and created a nice line of leather accessories.

Printed Leather Accessories

As the story was told, of how this pattern design came to be, people became exited. Their curiosity arose as they realized their leather item has a story behind it. While listening to story they could see themselves showing-off their new leather accessory to their friends, and telling them the same story. They loved the fact they had something to talk about and share with others.

Printed Leather Cuff

Sometimes the story is the missing link which connects between your audience and your product, that secret ingredient that creates an emotion and connects a person’s heart to any belt, purse or wallet.

What stories lay behind your designs?
Share your story in the comments section below.

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