Summer Surf Birthday Party by Pixiebear

Last August my sister moved to Cambridge MA.
Moving to a new  country is both exciting and difficult, but I think the hardest thing for her was  when the cold snowy winter began. We hardly have any of those around here, so she was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!

Early March she announced she’ll be coming home for a short visit in April, and started counting the days to be back in warm weather.

Her upcoming visit happened to be only 10 days after her birthday, so my family and I started planning her a welcome home/happy birthday party with a warm summer theme in mind. Tel Aviv is already quite warm in April, but it is still a bit cold for the beach. We decided to bring the beach home and have a Summer Surf themed party – indoors :)

I had so much fun designing this party and my sister was just thrilled with everything. If you want to have your own Surf themed party, here are some ideas of what we did in ours (you can find all the printables for this party here).

My husband baked this wonderful cheesecake. I turned it into a “beach cake” using printable decorations, and the crumbles represent the sand :)

Summer Surf Party Printables by Pixiebear
Beach cake decorated with surfing themed printables

The whole theme was designed in gradient pinks, oranges and turquoise, so these ombre drinks seemed like a great fit:

Summer Surf DIY Party by Pixiebear
Ombre Party drinks with printable straw flags

Another one of the deserts was a Banana Palm Tree fruit salad:

Summer Surf Themed Party by Pixiebear

We used shaped cookie cutters  to make these cute cheese bites:

Summer Surf Party Ideas by Pixiebear
Cookie-cutter party cheese bites

The table was covered with two maps: sandy yellow and light blue – to create a “beach scenery” for the food and drinks:

Summer Surf Party Ideas by Pixiebear
Sea Horse and Flamingo party toppers

Turquoise napkins completed the design:

Summer Surf DIY Birthday Printables by Pixiebear
Decorated utensils with matching napkins

Food was decorated with colorful toppers matching the overall design:

Summer Surf DIY Party by Pixiebear
Beach themed circle toppers
Summer Surf Party Decorations by Pixiebear
Sunglasses party toppers! Aren’t these the cutest? :)
Summer Surf Party Ideas by Pixiebear
Starfish printable decorations
Summer Surf Birthday Party DIY Ideas by Pixiebear
Surfing cupcake toppers

This is such a fun and colorful theme, I’m sure it can be done in so many creative ways. What would you do in your own Summer Surf party?

All printables from this Summer Surf party.