wall pattern
Wall Decor by Royal Design Stencils

I came across this photo on Pinterest the other day, and it got me thinking of how using patterns is a great way to add some color and personality to an ordinary room. Wall papers, pillows, curtains, tiles, coasters, art prints… You can play with all of these to add style to your room. A few patterned items can really make a room pop, and tell anyone who walks in a bit about the people who live there.

Stencil pattern by Cutting Edge Stencils
Stencil pattern by Cutting Edge Stencils

Giving a new style to a room using pattern design can also be a little tricky. Too many patterns and colors may result in an over-designed and busy look. The secret is to balance it out and create clever combinations.

4 Tips to styling a room using pattern design:

  1. Think in colors first. Look around the room you are styling. Look at the furniture, the curtains, the floor tiles, and all other elements of the room. Try defining which colors are being used and if there are any dominant colors. Once you define your basic palette, you can look for patterned items of the same colors. design-seeds.com has a great tool to finding beautiful color combinations and tons of inspiration to get you started.

    Palette search by design-seeds.com
    Palette search by design-seeds.com
  2. Define your style and set the mood. When styling a room, patterns are a powerful tool for sending a non-verbal message to anyone who enters it. What do you want people to feel and think when they enter the room? A sophisticated businessman might choose one-toned graphic patterns for his office. A creative handmade designer might add some colorful sketch-like patterns to the work room. A loving mom will create an inviting and cozy living room using some vintage floral patterns. Define your message clearly about who you are as a person. Stick to one style and choose the patterns that tell your story best.

    Patterned pillows by woodyliana
    Patterned pillows by woodyliana
  3. When in doubt – less is more. Using too many patterns at once may cause clatter and confusion. One patterned item can definitely be enough to for your message to come across. A patterned curtain, an art print or even some colorful coasters on the coffee table can make a clear (and beautiful) statement. Keep it stylish – Not clownish!

    Black and white patterned chairs
    Black and white patterned chairs via sweethomestyle
  4. Go with who you are. Style the room in a way that suits you and your personality. While some would love a big colorful floral curtain with matching sofas, others would prefer a clean art print or a couple of graphic patterned pillows. Don’t immediately go with what’s trendy or popular, as not everything works for everyone.  Look for your own voice, experiment, have some fun with it and show your personality!
home styling pattern design
Playful room styling by: www.rice.dk

Do you have a tip for styling a room using pattern designs?
Share your tips in the comment section below.

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