The life of a leather designer is not simple.

You know how sometimes you have this idea in your mind but you can’t find the right leather to match? You’ve been to your leather supplier a hundred times before. You want to give your customers something new and bring some excitement to your designs. But you already know you’re not going to find it there.

Once in a while you do find a different piece of leather. You get all excited, you have this great idea for a unique item you want to make of it. But the hide is a lot bigger than what you need, so you have this dilemma:

Do I buy a huge hide for just one unique item I want to make? Do I use this leather for more items, losing its uniqueness? Or should I just skip the whole thing and buy a regular basic leather hide which will be useful for many (basic) items?

And then – you feel frustration:
I wish everything could be simpler. I wish I could find unique leather and get a piece in the size I need, without stocking up on large expensive hides (I might not even use later on).

A simple solution, Anyone?

Stars Print on Leather

As a designer, an artist, a small-scaled business owner, and a former student – I felt that frustration many times myself. I knew there must be a simpler way for everyone who loves creating with leather to find what they needed.

That is when I developed my printing on leather technique and started offering a line of printed leather material for designers and artists.

My goal is today to make it simple for leather crafters to find unique leather supplies.

Giving everyone who loves creating with leather the opportunity to find what they need for their project, be it a small-scaled product line or a unique one-of-a-kind item, by providing a variety of small sized pieces to choose from.

No wasted stock lying around, no money spent for nothing.


Start making your life simple right here.

As a leather designer, what would make your life even simpler?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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