Where to find great gift ideas for men? Many of us rack our brains at least once a year trying to find an answer to this question, but sometimes it’s right in front of us.

Not long ago, my father got himself a new media player, which he planned to use while doing sports. He was disappointed when he realized the case he had for the player was too massive and heavy to carry. As he celebrated his birthday last week (happy birthday, Dad!), I knew I found my answer – and decided to make him a new case for the player that would suit his needs.

printed leather case

It was important to my father that the case would fit inside his pocket and that it would be light to carry. I designed a very simple sewing pattern to avoid using any extra material, and used leather just thick enough to protect the media player from scratches without requiring a lining. That way I was able to make the case as light as possible.

leather cut out

I printed the leather with a two-toned brown graphic design of wires. I also printed the inner side, just for the fun of it.

printed leather

Considering how my father will use the player, I realized he would need a quick and easy access to the volume buttons, so I cut out a hole at the side of the case.

making a leather case

Now my father can listen to his favorite music while doing sports. It was the perfect gift, because you know how men love their gadgets!

leather case

Do you have a great gift idea for men? 
Share your story in the comment section below.

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