It’s been almost a year since my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Africa, and we both can’t wait to go back! This was without a doubt one of the most unique places I ever visited. I love nature and always get so inspired by it. From the sculptured horns of the buffalo to the turquoise beaches of Zanzibar, this trip was full of inspiration.

Africa inspired pattern designs printed on leather
Africa inspired prints on leather
Kenya buffaloes
African Buffaloes
Kenya Buffaloes
Buffaloes in the Kenya sun
Buffalo prints on leather
Buffalo pattern designs printed on leather
Zanzibar turquoise lagoons
The beautiful lagoons of Zanzibar, as seen from the plane
Zanzibar turquoise lagoons
A closer view on the Zanzibar lagoons as our plane started lowering
Turquoise Lagoon print on leather
Turquoise Lagoon printed leather
Zanzibar beach rocks
When the tide is low you discover the small creatures living inside the beach rocks
Beach rocks design printed on leather
Beach rocks print on leather
Africa pattern designs printed on leather
Printed leather with Africa pattern designs

 Have you ever been inspired by nature to create? Share your story below.

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