To make these colorful paper flowers all you need is glue, scissors, some beads and buttons and  printed digital paper (I am still offering a free paper download as a gift for subscribers. You can get yours here).

Paper flowers tutorial
Craft paper flowers

I like these paper flowers since you can get very creative with colors, materials and sizes and create completely different looking flowers each time. I chose three color sets for this tutorial: Blue & Green, Red & Pink, Orange & Yellow. I like to use multiple paper designs to create extra colorful flowers.

Making craft paper flowers
Paper flowers color sets

Making the paper flowers:

Cut 5 large circles and 5 small circles for each flower. Cut another small circle and put it aside for later. The circles don’t have to be perfect. I cut mine by hand (yes, that’s a lot of circles) I think it gives them a more unique handmade look instead of a “factory” look.

Making craft paper flowers
Craft paper circles

Cut each circle by its radius towards the center.

Paper flowers tutorial
Paper circles for flower petals

Glue the two edges of the cut on top of each other to create cone-shaped petals.

How to make paper flowers
Paper flowers petals

Glue a small petal inside a large petal. You can mix and match as you like with these – it’s all part of the fun!

Paper flowers tutorial
Colorful paper flowers petals

Use the small circle you kept aside as the base of the flower, and glue five petals on top of it to create the flower.

Making scrap paper flowers
paper flower base

For the center of the flower you can use all kinds of small elements: a button, a large bead, a piece of felt, a small coin. My favorite element is colorful plastic eyes!

Making craft paper flowers
Paper flower with plastic eye center
Paper flowers tutorial
Paper flower with button center
Colorful paper flowers diy
Paper flower with shiny bead center

You can use these flowers as party decoration, for card making, for gift box decoration, to create string mobiles and much more!

What are your creative ideas for using these paper flowers? Share them on the comments below!

Digital paper used in this tutorial:
Blue flowerRetro Tiles Turquoise / Old Map / Turquoise Flock / Green Polka Dots / Turquoise Snowflakes.
Pink flower: Red Polka Dots / Pink flock / Coral Chevron / Vintage Birds / Pink Polka Dots.
Orange flower: Orange Polka Dots / Yellow Polka Dots / Orange Chevron / Pirate ShipAutumn.

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