Using patterns is a wonderful way to freshen up a dull room. Keep in mind that you want the room to look calming and inviting and not cluttered. Here are 3 methods you may use in order to achieve that and create a welcoming and cohesive room:

Home patterns
photo via That Bohemian Girl

Total look

The same pattern repeats through-out the room creating a full look. Try using the same pattern in slight variations (such as scale or shades). You can also break the pattern with some color blocks. These will rest the eye and help to space out the pattern nicely around the room.

Home patterns
photo via Inspired To Share
Home patterns
photo via Noortje de Keijzer

 Just a touch

Create a focus or a center point. Pattern may be a dash of color, like floor tiles, wallpaper, throw pillows, a carpet…

Patterned home
photo via Leifblog
Patterned home
photo via Live Journal

Mix and match

This one can be a bit tricky. To achieve a cohesive look you’ll need to choose patterns that complete each other and don’t compete with one another. Remember that the overall look should complement the room and create an environment that is pleasant to live in. Avoid a cluster of shapes and too many colors. Try building a comprehensive story, in which the pieces create a greater whole.

Home patterns
photo via Apartment Therapy
Patterned home
photo via Home Goods 

Designing with patterns may take some trial and error. Take your time and have fun with it, until you are happy with the final look.

Have any tips of your own for designing a room with patterns? Share them below.

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