Tree Trunk Texture - Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
I love patterns in nature – this is the texture of a tree trunk.

There is a concept that talks about how reality is actually a subjective thing that exists inside our minds and is directly influenced by our personal perception of things. Without getting too philosophical about this, I do agree with the idea that two people can look at the same thing and see it differently. But you can also reverse it – what if you start looking at things from a new perspective?

I’m a visually curious person, that means for me I need to see new, interesting, beautiful things on a regular basis or I get really bored! I take Penny (our dog) for a walk everyday around the same blocks, so at some point I just had to change the way I look at my neighborhood to keep avoid complete and utter boredom. When you walk around your neighborhood, what do you see? Most people would probably say buildings, trees and pavements.

Well, I see patterns.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point I started seeing the world in patterns. Probably because I love patterns so much I was subconsciously looking for them everywhere I went. Today I do it very consciously. I like searching and discovering something new every time I go outside.

Sometimes it’s about looking up (or down), sometimes about zooming in or trying to look at the broader picture. The point is, you can find beauty and interest even in ordinary day to day things you see around you, if you just change the way you look at them. Try it the next time you’re outside, it’s fun! And notice how your world becomes that much more beautiful and interesting as you do.

All photos where taken by me during my walks with Penny (she had been very patient). You can find them and more patterns on my Instagram [follow me while you’re at it :)].

I would love to see what patterns you find in your own surroundings – share a link to your photos in the comments :)

Office Building Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
Zoom in on an office building.
Raindrops on Pavement Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
Raindrops on the pavement.
Clouds Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
Look for patterns in the clouds.
Paved building walkway - Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
Paved building walkway.
Yellow flowers in cracks - Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
Tiny yellow flowers in the cracks.
Flowers Pattern Photo by Noa Ambar Regev
One of the buildings in my neighborhood has a beautiful flower garden. I can totally see a textile pattern design in this one!
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