One of my favorite things about giving and receiving gifts is the greeting card. It can be several sentences, a long letter or just a few words, but receiving a card from someone who cares can really make me all teary eyed. As a child I loved making personal and unique cards for family and friends. I believe that a personal card you make yourself and fill with words that come from your heart can sometimes be even better than the gift itself. I always keep the cards I receive. The warm words written in them are a special and dearly treasured memory to me.

DIY Holiday Season Greeting Cards
Printed Leather Handmade Greeting Cards

For the upcoming Holiday Season (yes, it’s closer than you think!) I put together a Greeting Card DIY Kit, which can be used to make 4 beautiful printed leather greeting cards.

Making the cards is quite simple, so that anyone who wants to create a unique and personal card will be able to do so. These greeting cards make a wonderful handmade gift all on their own. Your loved ones will probably get all teary eyed like me, and want to keep the card as a warm and beautiful reminder of how much you love them.

DIY Greeting Cards Kit
Making a DIY Greeting Card

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Card stock.
  2. Printed leather pieces, approx. 2 oz. (0.8 mm) thick. For most greeting cards 4”x6” (10×15 cm) pieces should be fine.
  3. Glue, knife and Scissors.
  4. Plain paper.
  5. Tracing wheel or pins.

Planning the Greeting Card’s size:

Envelopes come in standard sizes. If you plan on using a ready-made envelope make sure to choose your envelope before making the card. Measure the envelope’s height and width and subtract at least 0.5” (approx. 1.5 cm) from these measurements – this will be the size of your folded greeting card.
Choose whether you want the card in a portrait or landscape position, cut the card stock in the full spread accordingly and fold in the middle.

Making the Greeting Card:

Draw different patterns on plain paper, or use the printable patterns available within the DIY Kit. Use a tracing wheel or pins to trace the patterns onto the leather. Cut and glue to create different cards (you might find these tips on how to trace a pattern onto leather helpful).

DIY Greeting Cards
Printed Leather DIY Greeting Cards

The Secret Ingredient:

After using the cut outs and designing your unique printed leather greeting card, there is one last thing left to do – put your own words in it. You don’t need to be a poet to write (I sure am not one myself). Just think of the person you made the card for and write something that comes from your heart. This will make your card truly personal and memorable. Good luck! 

Come share photos of your finished printed leather greeting cards on our Facebook Page.

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DIY Greeting Cards Kit
DIY Printed Leather Greeting Cards Kit

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