printed leather cuff - free pattern
Click to get your Free PDF Pattern! (available for free until October 1st 2012)

A while back I wrote a post about Modular Fashion. I love modular objects which can be used differently for different purposes. When it comes to expressing your own style, modular fashion accessories are a great way to create a transformation to fit your overall mood and style.

I designed this modular leather cuff as a part of my printed leather accessories collection. It can be worn in two different ways, depending on your own taste, style and feel. It is easy-to-make and there is NO SEWING necessary. So let’s make one! Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY printed leather cuff

  • 10”x3” (approx. 25×7 cm) piece of printed leather 2-3 oz. thick (here is where you can find a large selection of printed leather pieces)
  • 10”x3” piece of thin leather for lining (I usually use pig skin)
  • 1 D-shaped ring – inner width 0.8” (2 cm)
  • 1 Screw back button stud
  • Modular Leather Cuff PDF pattern for tracing – get it here for free (available free until October 1st 2012).

* Not feeling the DIY vibe today? You can get find ready to ship printed leather cuffs right here.

How to make your own Modular Printed Leather Cuff:

1. Place the printed leather piece and the lining leather piece, inner sides facing each other. Glue together using strong glue. Make sure to cover the entire inner surface of both layers in glue, then smooth and flatten layers until they are completely glued together. Try to avoid any wrinkles or air bubbles.

2. Print and trace the Modular Leather Cuff PDF pattern onto the two glued leather pieces. Don’t forget to mark the holes as well (I usually use a sewing pin to mark the center of each hole onto the leather).

DIY printed leather cuff

3. Punch holes according to the markings you made, using a hole-puncher plier.

Now, I know I said no sewing is needed, but if you do own a sewing machine and feel like using it,  the next step is OPTIONAL:

* Sew a decorative seam around the edges of the cuff. This seam may also provide some extra means to secure the two glued layers of leather together. But like I said it’s completely optional! As you can see I don’t do this step myself, since I find printed leather is already decorated enough.

4. Using a utility knife cut a small 3-4 mm slit according to the red markings on the PDF pattern. Make sure to cut in a direction starting 3-4 mm OUTSIDE of the hole and TOWARDS the hole, to avoid making a slit that’s too wide. These slits are important so that the head of the button stud can be easily inserted inside the holes for fastening the cuff.

modular printed leather cuff
Cut slits in arrow direction

5. Screw in the button stud and tighten using a screwdriver.

Your cuff is ready! All that’s left is to choose in which style you want to wear it today:

Bow-Tie Style Cuff: Create an M-like fold at the triangular edge of the cuff: Fold once in the middle, printed layer facing inwards, and then fold each edge outwards again, creating a gathering as shown. Depending on the leather you use, it might be a bit stiff at first. Keep in mind that leather is a pliable material that will become more flexible overtime. Slide in the D ring to hold the gathering in place and fasten on your wrist using one of the outer fastening holes.

DIY leather cuff
Make your leather cuff Bow-Tie Style

Folded Style Cuff: Fasten the cuff on your wrist by inserting the button stud to one of the inner fastening holes. Fold back the tip of the cuff and fasten on the stud.

DIY modular printed leather cuff

You can play with this modular leather cuff and transform it between these two options as you wish at any time, to fit to your mood and your style! Enjoy!

I would love to know which style do you prefer? Bow-tie or Folded? And don’t forget to stop-by and share photos of your finished leather cuff on our Facebook page!

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