Finding great gift ideas for men is not an easy task.

With my husband’s birthday coming up next week I started thinking that maybe the best way to find a personal and unique gift is to make one myself (it’s also the most fun way!). As I started brainstorming for ideas I realized there are a few things to consider while making a DIY gift for your man.

men gift ideas
Leather gift ideas for men

4 tips for making DIY gifts for men

  1. Think of what he needs. Men usually have very personal and specific preferences (like the in the story of this leather case I made for my father). Some men like their wallet as slim as possible while others like it with many credit card slots. Try to think of how and when your man will use the leather item, and in what way.
  2. Choose the right leather. Are you making a slim wallet which should require thinner, lighter leather? Or a phone case designed to protect the phone and needs some extra padding? Choose the leather according to the item you’re making and how it will be used.
  3. Design the sewing pattern, while taking everything into consideration. Does the item require any pockets or slots? How many? Do you need to cut out holes for specific uses (like in this leather case)? Does the item need to fit inside a pocket?
  4.  Put some personality into it. This is the fun part! After you have the basic form you can start playing with the materials. Think of what your man likes in terms of color combinations, textures, leather prints, images… Give the item a unique and personal look designed especially for your man!
Men prints on leather
Manly prints on leather

 So… what to make?
You can find some nice leather tutorials online that would make great gift ideas for men:

Men leather wallet by The art of manliness
Leather iPhone case by ISLY
Leather journal book by Mufn inc

The secret for a great DIY gift for men is to keep his needs in mind and have some fun while making it!

Ever made a great personal leather gift for your man? Tell us bellow and come share a photo on our Facebook page!

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