That’s pretty much the ’Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory’ motto. And after visiting, I may say it is definitely true.

Patterned Butterfly Wings

As a longtime fan of butterflies, when my husband and I started planning our trip to Key West, I knew this conservatory was one place I am not going to give up visiting.

Butterfly Patterns

Walking into the conservatory’s habitat makes you feel like you walked into  heaven. The moment you enter, a group of beautiful and very large blue butterflies welcomes you with a joyful flap of wings.

Colorful Butterfly

Nature sometimes provides the greatest and most inspiring works of art. As you walk further inside the habitat you start to notice more and more colorful butterflies, each with different colors and mesmerizing patterns.

Butterflies Inspiratons

Key West Butterflies

Most of the butterflies are so large, you almost feel like you’re snow white in the Disney movie.

Butterfly Patterns

About 50-60 different species of butterflies roam freely between the plants and flowers of the habitat. It seems that they are quite used to human presence, or maybe they just can’t tell the difference between a person and a flower, as some of them tried to catch a ride on our shoulders…

Butterfly Patterns

Butterflies on our shoulders

My stress definitely went away. I could not take the smile off my face, and certainly didn’t want to leave (ever). My husband almost had to drag me out… Being in the habitat really felt like being in heaven, or at least – at Disneyland.

Colorful Butterfly

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