“I am the Pumpkin King!”
(- Jack “The Nightmare before Christmas”)

The bold color, the festive shape and the amazing taste – all turn the pumpkin into an inspiring object, with so many interpretations and variations to this uniquely looking vegetable.

Two more days for Halloween, why not create some Pumpkin art of your own?
These 12 Pumpkin inspired art projects are a great place to start looking for some creative inspiration. The tips of my fingers already start to tickle… how about yours?

Have an inspiring Pumpkin artwork of your own? Inspire the community by sharing a link in the comments below and on our Facebook page!

Pumpkin inspired art print
Art print by joojoo
Pumpkin inspired earrings
Earrings by Button Your Buttons
Pumpkin inspired Home Decor
Home decor by Nancy Ellen Studios
Pumpkin drawing
Drawing by Prismatic Colours
Pumpkin Photography
Photography by Chelsea Victoria
Wool pumpkin
Wool pumpkin by Dindon
Pumpkin inspired ring
Ring by Janes Beauty Store
Pumpkin Illustrated Card
Illustrated Card by caid
Pumpkin inspired earrings
Earrings by Secret Find
Pumpkin illustration
Pumpkin illustration by studyhallnyc
Pumpkin colored earrings
Pumpkin colored earrings by MARIAELA
Laser cut wooden pumpkins
Laser cut wooden pumpkins by Timber Green Wood

Can’t have enough? Here’s some more Pumpkin Inspiration

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