Vintage inspired wall art ready for print
1: Wall Art by thesurfacebelow

September is a month of new beginnings.

It’s the beginning of fall and returning to school. In the Jewish calendar it is the beginning of the New Year. I have friends moving to Boston, London and Berlin this week. It is also my birthday (on the 7th), and this year my husband and I are moving to a new place – a house of our own, which we can call HOME.

With the season changing, I think about the birds migrating each year – flying away to warmer places, traveling great distances above oceans.

flock of birds water color painting
2: Water color painting by Ireart

There is something very powerful in the image of a flock of birds flying together, hundreds of individuals creating a wonderful pattern in the sky. Watching them from below, you sometimes want to join them: touch the sky, reach for the starts and be part of a greater whole traveling to adventurous places.

Screen print of birds on fabric with embroidery
3: Screen-printed cotton fabric with embroidery by VisionsInPrint

This collection of 12 Art projects inspired by Birds Migration brings many different interpretations to this strong visual of a flock. Some are finished works and some are hand-made materials in which you can create your own art. While each artist used different medium and different materials to create, these works all carry a sense of freedom, a dream of a better place, and the longing for a fresh new beginning.

Keep your creative heart open to change this September, as it may bring you something new.

screen printed pillow cover - birds and woodgrain
4: Screen printed pillow cover by poisonpear
Flock of flying birds wall decals vinyl stickers
5: Wall decal by elmostudio
ceramic tea pot with painting of birds flock
6: Ceramic tea pot by AdrienArt
Flock of birds adjustable ring
7: Ring by JujuTreasures
paper birds wedding confetti cutouts
8: Paper cutouts by CardsbyJeweleighaB
flock of birds metallic print photograph
9: Metallic print by gothicrow
birds pattern leather printing by worldofpineapple
10: Flock of birds printing on leather
pen and ink black and white flock of birds
11: Pen & ink illustration by ScampyByTheSea
Canada geese migration fine art photography
12: Art photography by bomobob

What is your fresh start in your life or business this September? Share your story below and on our Facebook page!

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