Printed Leather Shoes by Olive Thomas

When I began offering printing on leather services for designers, I had no idea how many talented people I’ll meet and the creative and interesting project we’ll work on.

Pink Flamingos print on leather shoes

Pink Flamingos printed leather shoes

One of these people is Maya Levi, shoe designer for her brand ‘Olive Thomas’. Maya comes from a background of graphic design, so the idea of printing her original artwork on the leather shoes she designs was exciting for her.

Horses printed leather shoes

Horses print on leather shoes

She chose to create a mini-collection of three printed designs. The idea for the graphics was taken form nature, and included Horses, Penguins and Pink Flamingos.

Horses printed leather shoes

Horses printed leather shoes

During our work together we tested printing on different types of leather. Each leather piece gave a different outcome, as the printing process maintains the leather’s hue and texture and the final result is always affected by it.

Penguins printed leather shoes

Penguins print on leather shoes

In choosing the right type of leather Maya also considered the final product. Making shoes involves a lot of stretching and pulling of the leather, so it was important to choose a type on which the print will remain durable during this process.

Printing on leather shoes

Printed leather shoes by Olive Thomas

After completing the tests and reaching results Maya was happy with, I received the leather for printing. As Maya only gave me the parts of the form meant for printing, I did not know exactly what each shoe will look like at the end. Receiving this photos a few week later and seeing the final result I was very excited.

Printed leather by worldofpineapple for Olive Thomas shoes

Printed leather shoe forms in the making

Maya had so much fun designing this mini-collection, she also added matching Tee’s using the same prints. Take a look at those along with other wonderful designs at her website.

Pink Flamingos printed leather shoes

Pink Flamingos print on leather shoes

What do you think of these printed shoes? Would you wear them? Where to?

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