How to make paper gift boxes

These folded paper gift boxes are very simple to make. It’s fun to match the pattern design on the box to the occasion – I choose Snowy Winter and Christmas Presents designs for the upcoming holiday season.

Folded paper gift boxes

Scrap paper gift boxes

Basically you can use any size of square paper, if you want to make a bigger box you can use double sided tape to attach two papers or more together. I used colorful printed digital paper for the outer box and plain card stock for the inner box. I cut the square for the inner box about a quarter inch (0.5 cm) smaller, so that it would fit inside the outer box.

Digital craft paper

Scrapbook paper

Follow these step by step instructions and make some beautiful gift boxes of your own!

If you haven’t yet claimed your free digital paper download, you can do so here.

Scrapbook paper gift boxes

Folded paper gift boxes

Digital paper used in this tutorial: Turquoise Snowflakes / Brown Snowflakes / White Woodland / Christmas Presents.

I would love to hear what you think of this tutorial – Please leave your comments below!

Making paper gift boxes

How to make paper gift boxes

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13 thoughts on “How to make paper gift boxes

  1. I used to make origami so seeing this laid out like this made it very easy to do. I’m shocked I’ve never thought of this before. I have so much scrap paper that I hate to waste so I’m glad I now have a way to make little Christmas boxes out of them. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Paola, if you use card stock to make the boxes and pack them in a bubble wrap envelope, I think they will be. You can try different paper thicknesses and different sizes to see what best fits your needs. Good luck!

  2. Like your tutorial and love the gift box. If you had numbered the steps it would have
    been easier to follow. But I made three boxes and love them. Thank you!

    • Hi Stella Thanks! I will number the steps next time. I would love to see photos of your boxes if you’d like to share a link :)

    • Hi Nancy, that’s a great idea, thanks for sharing! (maybe you’d care to share a link for some photos of the boxes as well? would love to see them!)

  3. Oh wow….my GrandMother used to make these. I am definately going to give it a try….thankyou :)

  4. your tutorial is a bit hard to understand(the folding grid) maybe you should edit it and type step by step instructions under it or a video. Looks really nice though! Plus, you can skip the wrapping and just use some of the wrapping paper to make the top of the box!

    • Thanks! That’s the idea, to make the gift box lovely and colorful – something the recipient would appreciate and want to keep as well, along with the gift itself.

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