Noa Ambar Regev

My name is Noa Ambar-Regev and I’m a textile and surface Pattern Designer.

I focus on designing for children apparel and home décor, as well as for the stationary and quilting markets.

My studio provides textile and surface pattern design services, as well as printing on leather services, for clients worldwide.

I founded my studio in 2011 after completing a degree in Fashion Design with excellence. I named my studio PINEAPPLE, after the vibrant and uniquely-shaped fruit.

When opening my studio I was looking for a way to create my own materials printed with my designs. I developed a unique technique for printing on leather and began selling accessories printed in vibrant and colorful patterns.

As colleagues and fellow designers started asking for my help in creating their own original printed surfaces, this was an opportunity to expand my business while focusing on what I do best and love most – surface designing.

With the birth of my first child I became fascinated with the world of children apparel and home décor. My designs have since been inspired by the imaginative world of children. I create whimsical and quirky child-like motifs by hand and then color them digitally. I love using bold colors and create interesting palettes.

Other than textile pattern design, I am also working on my brand PIXIEBEAR, designing cute and colorful Party Printables and Decorations for kids’ birthdays.

As a person intrigued by small details, I am always fascinated by the growth process in nature. Little by little, by adding one repeating small part after the other (a cell, a leaf, a feather…) something greater and beautiful is created. I see pattern design the same way, as laying out small images, sketches and motifs creates a beautiful and eye catching surface.

My surface pattern designs are available for licensing and purchasing. I am also available for freelance and custom design work. For details on how we can work together please contact me.

Noa Ambar PINEAPPLE Designs